2020 Events




Studio Production 2020

Stage Rehearsal dates:  9-12 November 2020
Set up. 6th Dec
Production dates :  7-10 Dec 2020

Dancers Make a Differenece #DMAD

A group of teachers in our area wanting to be part of making a difference in the lives of others around them.   We decided to invite studios to perform free of charge for 1 event and see how much we could raise towards this village in Dassenhoek. 
Ingane Yami exists to rescue orphaned and abandoned children trapped in vulnerable circumstances and raise them in a loving family environment in order to restore their life and the plan that God has for each one of His precious children.  Ultmately the goal is to release these children into their full potential to become a future generation of young leaders.  More info www.iganeyami.com

Now our 2nd year and we are excited to be doing this again. 

Date 6th June 2020

Stage rehearsals @  Open Skies
*Jnr MPDS dancers   12:30-1:00
*Snr MPDS dancers  1:00-1:30
Full Cast run through from 3:15
Performance from 6:00

Thank you for being a part of someone else's journey of hope.